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Responsive Web Design

Make your web site compatible with any device

Mobile-friendly website with responsive design

We make your website mobile friendly using our extensive knowledge in responsive design. See our references for example.


Today, tablets and so-called “smartphones” an increasing share of the total volume of surfers on the Internet. This requires as you have a website for these visitors.

If you currently have a website that is not mobile-friendly, you risk missing out on sales and new customers. A simple method is to see your need for a mobile-friendly website is to go into the Google Analytics if you have it installed on your site. There you can enter the target market / mobile / overview and see what percentage of your visitors are using mobile devices.If you see that your bounce rate is higher for mobile devices than on the desktop, there is a need to get a mobile-friendly website, or improve existing ones.

You will also improve your chances of getting more traffic from Google with a mobile-friendly site, because it will also be seen as more relevant to show up in search results for mobile visitors.



Today, 85% of Australians own a smartphone and mobile usage is increasing all the time. Nowadays, it is common to go out on the Internet with a smartphone than via computer but web design is not always just a part of this change. Many people forget how important it is responsive design, which may affect their conversions negative.

We do a mobile customised solution for you

We build mobile-friendly websites that you can seamlessly update on your own directly from the same system that you use to update your regular site. By using the same publishing so it is easy for the editor to manage both sites.

In short, results in a responsive mobile friendly website following advantages:

  • Higher availability, which means that you reach a broader customer segment.
  • Cheaper production and faster delivery.
  • Greater opportunity to build on and develop.
  • Equally attractive and user as an App. You can also create an “app” icon in your phone.
  • You do not have to first download an app from the AppStore or Android Market to get access to your mobile site.

How do we make my site mobile-friendly?

Today, there are several ways to customise your website for mobile devices, but it is important for us to point out that the previous adaptation methods now in output.

We at Web design agency Melbourne recommed responsive web site design rather than Separate mobile Sites.

Separate mobile site

An older solution that today is the end is to build a separate site for mobile devices. The disadvantage of this solution is that you have to update the mobile page separate from your regular website. The mobile page can also be problematic to develop as it needs to be adapted for a particular type of device such as “smartphones”. This also means that the resolution will not be optimal for tablets such as the iPad and other devices with screens of 7-10 inches.

Why is a mobile-friendly website is important to you?

The biggest reason for you to get a mobile-friendly website is to safeguard that everyone, no matter what device they use, will get a good experience of your website. With a responsive design, unlike its very own mobile site, your users will also have a consistent experience, even if they would switch unit.

With the latest Google updates, mobile friendliness also become a stronger and stronger watchwords. Mobile-friendly websites has long been a rankings boost, but now, Google uses their mobile-index for ranking web pages on the desktop. A website that’s tailored for mobile devices will therefore be valued higher by Google than one that is not.

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